Betting On The Kentucky Derby

Tips on How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby 
Betting has a long history; it started as soon as the games that people bet on started. The level of betting has advanced from the ancient ways to the current online betting. Horseracing is one of the famous ancient sports that have not lost taste, generation after generation is enjoying it and placing their bets just the same way they did it before. The Kentucky Derby is known for horse race betting, the races at Kentucky Derby are 2 minutes long but enjoy large following just like the super bowl. Here are some of the favorite bets that fans are fond of at Kentucky Derby.

Win-Place-Show: The bets go in order; the first one is win wager, yes, you got it right, the horse that you select must emerge a victor for you to be awarded. If your horse does not win then, you face the risk of losing your investment.

Place wager is the second one; you place a bet if you think your horse will finish in the top two. You will be a winner if the horse you picked becomes number one or two. In addition, the last one if the show wager, here you will pick a horse to finish in first three positions. You will get the wager if that horse finishes in number one, two or three. The show wager is the most difficult one and again the one that has the highest payoff. $2 is the least bet that you can place.

Exacta: Exacta is advanced than win-play-show, you will pick at least two horses that you predict will finish in first and second positions. The horses that you pick must finish in position one and two for you to win. It is not a cast on stone, alternatively, box your wager and win if the horses emerge first or second in whichever order. The least amount of this bet is $2.

Trifecta Bets: The least amount to bet a trifecta box is $3. It is a bit challenging; you will have to select not less than three horses that must finish in first, second, and third places respectively. The other way of playing this bet is by boxing your wager, and you will win if your horses win in whichever order provided the three are in the first three positions.

Picking a horse

You must be able to identify a horse that you think will win the race. It is a challenge to pick a winning horse amongst many; however, some tips can help you to do that. Select a horse by its outward appearance; physical appearance tells more about the ability of a horse to win the race. A horse with well-built muscles looks like a superstar. Do not go for horses with a lot of fat and are overweight.

Pick a horse with pointed ears and the head is high; this horse seems to be alert and ready for the race. You can tell that the horse is in good health by looking at the hair; a shiny coat is an indicator that the house is in good health. Pick a healthy horse and the one who is ready to race for better chances of winning.

Take it Easy

There are several methods to pick a horse. You can decide to choose a horse name, take a number or even select jockey color. Relax and settle on the best method that you think will do you wonders. So many fans win by doing a random pick, you do not need to bother yourself so much.