How Point Spreads Work

When it comes to basketball and football betting, a better must comprehend how point spread works if they are willing to make a profit during the season. For the sake of betting, the point spread is placed on one team and is planned to give equal chance of winning to both competing teams in the eyes of bettors.

New betters wonder what all the numerals and figures mean when looking at the odds board. While most sports fans and bettors are accustomed to looking at it, they never know the real meaning of point spread.

To define this term as a number odds-maker used as a number that attracts the gamer to both sides of the bet with interest is the best way one can describe point spread. The numbers get enough points to attract bettors to try their luck in sporting.

Point spread tries to give equal opportunity, and that both teams are likely to win. This makes betting on the underdog or the favorite attractive as well. There is equal chance that the underdog wins or loose by the listed margin, or the favorite wins or loses by the listed margin.

How it Works
When two clubs meet at the basketball court or football field, there is one team that is stronger than the other. If all gamers were given the winning team in sports betting, then they would win and take away all the cash. However, this is not the case when it comes to the point spread.

Let’s use the example of the Hawks; The Atlanta Panthers were playing the Super Bowl 50. There is little doubt that The Panthers were the better team than was The Hawks, at least in the public betting eye, and all you have to do as a bettor is pick the winning team, many would have chosen the Hawks.

What the bookies and sports-book did, however, was creating a point spread and make all teams attractive with the equal value before the bettors.

In another example illustrated below, the Cots are the best team. The minus (-) sign shows the favorite team, and the plus (+) sign indicates the underdog. For Indianapolis to get 3.5 points, they must win by more than four. In this case, if your bet indicates that Colts wins, they must win by four points to make the bet valid.

Though, if your bet is with the Giants, they can lose by points less than three, or win the game, your bet becomes valid. The money-line odds devoted to the point spread determines your payout. The negative value shows how much you should bet and get the positive number. For instance, -110 shows you how much you gamble to get $100.

Classically, the given odds are always -110 unless noted otherwise, like above. The oddsmakers adjust the lines to balance the action if one side receives the action.

Sometimes odds-makers set lines on an even number. In these case, if the best team wins by some points set, the bet comes out as a push and your betting money refunded.

Pont Spreads Versus money Lines
In basketball and football scenario, you will not only see the spread points but also get the option to bet on the match on the money line. In this case, all you should do is pick the winning team. There is one disadvantage, however, and that is when you want to gamble with the team you expect to win, you will risk more than you can win.

On an ongoing basis, deciding when to use money line and point spread is a decision gambler take on a daily basis. There are no rules that govern the use of money line and point spread to bet.